D R I N K   W I T H   P U R P O S E
The Reboot CleanseGreen FiendMother EarthTropic ThunderG3Live   Almond MylkThe CleanupThe Reboot Cleanse Card

3 Day Cleanse includes 3 [16oz] bottles of each:

3 x Green Fiend
3 x Mother Earth
3 x Tropic Thunder

3 x G3Live
3 x Almond Mylk
3 x The Cleanup

This cleanse was designed for the more advanced cleanser, or for those who are prepared for the power of a greens-only cleanse. At just a mere 940 calories per day, it would be hard not to see a change in body fat upon completion, but the goal of this cleanse is rapid detoxification. The key substance here is Chlorophyll, which The Reboot contains over 10 Wheatgrass shots worth per day. Chlorophyll helps the liver tremendously in its detoxification processes, deodorizing the body, and aiding in hormonal balance, digestive function and elimination. In addition, each day includes a dose of Activated Charcoal and Probiotics for boosted effects. If you are ready for the squeakiest kind of clean and fast, The Reboot should be your choice.

The Reboot Cleanse US 1


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