N A T U R A L L Y   S U P E R I O R

C Y B E R   M O N D A Y   F L A S H   S A L E

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The Skinny Cleanse

T H E   S K I N N Y

Rich in Enzymes and Compounds Known to Fight Fat; Very Low in Calories

At a lean 1020 calories per day, The Skinny is a big time calorie-cut that brims with over 75 vitamins, minerals, aminos and essential fatty acids. With the juice of 25 natural and living ingredients per day, your body can flush out and feel renewed while being far from starved. The Skinny is rich in compounds and enzymes such as Circumin and Bromelain to attack toxic belly fat, and includes Activated Charcoal and Probiotics for more effective fat digestion and toxin elimination. We give you plenty of Greens and other natural anti-inflammatory foods such as Ginger and Dandelion that trigger the body into letting go of the toxic fats it may be hanging on to. Put yourself light-years ahead to achieving your weight loss goals with this powerful and delicious cleanse.


The Reboot Cleanse

T H E   R E B O O T

Chlorophyll Focused for Quickest Detoxification Results; Lowest in Calories

This cleanse was designed for more advanced cleansers, or for those who are prepared for the power of a greens-only cleanse. At just a mere 940 calories per day, it would be hard not to see a change in body fat upon completion - but the goal of this cleanse is rapid detoxification. The key substance of this cleanse is Chlorophyll, which The Reboot contains over 10 Wheatgrass shots worth per day. Chlorophyll helps the liver tremendously in its detoxification processes, deodorizes the body, and aids in hormonal balance, digestive function and elimination. In addition, each day includes a dose of Activated Charcoal and Probiotics for boosted effects. If you are ready for the squeakiest kind of clean and fast, The Reboot should be your choice.


The Essential Cleanse

T H E   E S S E N T I A L

Taste and Functionality Balanced; Our Most Popular Blends Rich in Anti-Inflammatories

A well balanced arrangement of our more popular, yet functional juices - the Essential is sure to meet the desires and tastes of new and experienced cleansers alike. This cleanse includes our super-functional G3Live, which contains a full serving of the ultra-nutritious liquid blue green algae harvested by the E3Live company. Also featured is our very popular Boss's Tonic, which is a potent Ginger and Turmeric tonic sweetened with Coconut Nectar and infused with Probiotics for additional benefits beyond juice alone. You won't be missing out on anything when deciding on The Essential.


The Immunity Cleanse

T H E   I M M U N I T Y

Vitamin C and Anti-Bacterial Ingredient Focused; Geared With Ingredients Thought to Reinforce the Body's Immune Functions

As the name implies, The Immunity is geared toward boosting immune function. We pull out all the stops in giving the body the best Nature has to offer in order to maximize its ability to defend from infection and other foreign invaders. The Immunity contains higher portions of the ingredients known to aid in bodily immune function: Ginger, Turmeric, Pineapple, Camu Camu, Watercress, Kale, and Probiotics to name a few. Vitamin C and Antibacterial foods are accentuated to make it easy for your body to do its job - and we use the best sources from around the world. If you're feeling phlegmy, it's better not to beat around the bush and go straight for our super-powerful Immunity Cleanse.