Cleanse Basics

P R E - C L E A N S E

Depending on which cleanse program you have chosen, the key to a successful cleanse and experiencing the reported benefits without having a lousy, uncomfortable time is proper preparation. Depending on your diet, you should take at least 1-2 days to refrain from eating and drinking the foods that caused your desire to detoxify in the first place. This also gives the mind time to break its normal appetite signals, and helps the body to avoid being shocked by the influx of juice once your cleanse commences. Our recommendation is to avoid the following in the day(s) leading up to your cleanse:

  • Eating foods that are not natural or fresh
  • Eating refined starches such as wheat flour, white rice, pasta or white sugar (Blood sugar spiking and hunger causing)
  • Excessive dairy consumption
  • Eating any food that can be found at a convenience store
  • Drinking coffee (1 cup okay), beer, liquor or wine (Stimulants and suppressants)
  • Things very high in carbs or sugar (Check Harvard’s Glycemic index)

What you should do instead:

  • Drink at least 2X the amount of water normally drank (half gallon per day minimum)
  • Drink herbal teas without caffeine
  • Double up on fruits and veggies
  • Reduce your normal meat intake by at least 50%
  • Drink a smoothie or a juice each day
  • Eat coconut oil and avocados
  • Eat raw nuts or nut butters
  • Go to a steam room or sauna
  • Get a deep-tissue massage (Releases toxins for easier elimination)

Doing these things will give the body a head start in passing the toxic things it has been processing, and allows the juice to more effectively and completely flush the rest out. Keeping your blood sugar down leading up to your cleanse will help to quell the appetite when on your juices. 

Arguably the most crucial step of your preparation is getting adequate sleep. Scientists now know that the brain has its own unique waste disposal system that is 10 times more active during sleep than during the day. This is because the brain pumps cerebral fluid through its tissues which accumulate waste, directs it through the circulatory system and liver, and then eliminates it in the morning when you wake up. In other words, a significant amount of effort made to prepare for your cleanse will be wasted unless you get the proper sleep (7-8 hours) as the vast majority of the actual toxin elimination process occurs while you are sleep at night. (Source)

Being mindful of this advice in the day(s) leading up to your cleanse will vastly improve your chances of a more enjoyable experience, and will improve your overall results once completed.

Note: We are not doctors. This is not medical advice. If you are pregnant or take prescribed medications, you should definitely ask your doctor if a juice cleanse is a good idea. We do not guarantee any of the aforementioned results, because everyone’s body and lifestyle are different.


D U R I N G 

Now that you are drinking the juices, here are some things we suggest doing:

  • Drink at least a cup of water between each juice (8 ounces minimum)
  • Continue getting good sleep at night. Take a nap if you’re tired throughout the day
  • Lightly exercising is good. However, going overboard with your workout or lifting heavy weights is not recommended.
  • Going to a steam room or sauna. (Drink water during and after)
  • Drink non-caffeinated tea if you want something hot
  • Getting a deep tissue massage will bring toxins to the surface 

Getting really hungry? Eat some walnuts or fruit. Steaming some veggies or having a warm (vegetarian) soup can help you feel full without spoiling your cleanse.


P O S T - C L E A N S E

You made it through! Great job. We hope that you’re feeling the difference and experiencing some of the benefits you were aiming for. Now to get back on track with a normal food in your diet! When coming off of your cleanse, you don’t want to start eating like you’ve been starving in the Sahara for 3 days— if everything went well, you won't want to anyway. It is best to gradually reintroduce high-quality natural foods and continue eating as clean as possible going forward. Take a look and revisit the recommendations given when preparing for your cleanse; if you can eat like you’re always preparing, you’re basically eating how you should be eating in our best opinion. Everyone is different of course, consult with a nutritionist and formulate a diet that resonates best with you.

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